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Download Mutual Fund Reports
(The service of downloading certificate of purchase/redeem/switch investment units, the certificate of withholding tax for SSF/SSFX/RMF/LTF redemption not entitled to income tax benefit, Certificate of tax deduction at source as per Section 50 bis (Dividend) and the statement of holding in the PDF file format.)
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Terms and Conditions of downloading mutual fund reports via website

The Users agree to be bound by all terms and conditions in connection with the request of downloading mutual fund reports via website, namely www.kasikornasset.com (refers to as “the Service”) that details are as follow;

  1. Users shall be unitholder of Kasikorn Asset Management Co.,Ltd.(refers to as 'the Company') and have Thai National ID Card only.
  2. Users shall fill in the bona fide personal information which correspond to the information recorded by registrar.
  3. Mutual fund reports with outstanding balance is the statement of outstanding units as of the stated date. It would be deemed correct when the such statement is consistent with the registrar’s record.
  4. The company reserves not to give any mutual fund reports in the case that User information given is not the same as information in the registrar’s record.
  5. All mutual fund reports downloaded cannot be used as the evidence for pledge or transferring to the other person.
  6. The format, delivery method and password encrypting of mutual fund reports downloaded are according to the form of the company and the company’s discretion.
  7. The company has the discretion to change the terms and conditions in this Agreement as appropriate and the company has the right to terminate part or all of the Service, or to stop providing the Service to one or all service users, subject to an advance notification to Users.

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